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Susan Woodhams

Susan Woodhams is a Senior Mortgage Consultant at Stonecastle Land and Home Financial. Stonecastle is the Premiere Mortgage Broker in California.

Susan helps her clients eliminate their frustrations and concerns by helping them sort through the hundreds of different loan programs so they can make the right choice for their financial situation.

The 3 biggest concerns that borrowers have when trying to decide on a broker are:

1. Is this person trustworthy? Is what they quote me really what I am going to be paying?
2. How does the loan process work? Will this person explain it to me and have patience and time to answer all of my questions?
3. Is this person on my side? Are they going to work hard to get my deal done on time, get the rate they said I can get and be available when I need them?

Susan understands these concerns and has a proven track record with her past clients that she can accomplish everything she says she can. And does not make promises to deliver on things she can’t.

Complete Secure 1003 Application

With Stonecastle, the loan approval process has never been easier. We offer a secure and convenient application for you to fill out as well as a secure link to upload your required documentation at your leisure.

Client Testimonials

“Very happy to work with Susan Woodhams. Always very professional and understanding!”

Jason & Shalika Noriega

“Several years ago a real estate agent gave me Susan’s business card and when I decided to refinance my home I gave her a call and I am so glad that I did! She is...

Sylvia Mcdougall

“Susan Woodhams is the best loan agent we have ever used! She is thorough, knowledgeable and very proactive. We would use her for anything in the future!”

Michael & Stephanie Olson

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